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DDA has launched a new scheme for DDA flats owner and group housing societies to freehold his/her property. Please read the below instruction before to apply for free hold. You can download instruction PDF in hindi from here.


Applicant may first of all compute the conversion charges based on his or her property details using this on line application.

After computing the conversion charges he/she should print the conversion charges challan for making the payment of conversion charges.

Applicant then should make the payment of conversion charges through RTGS/NEFT in the A/C No._______ of CBI, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi or in any one of the authorized banks through the printed challan.

The applicant should then down load the application brochure from the on line application and prepare the required documents for applying on line i.e. the application form down loaded may be filled by the applicant with required photographs etc. and other documents such as Affidavit, Indemnity Bond, Undertaking etc, may be prepared.

The application form and all other documents should be scanned and placed in a folder for uploading purpose.

The scanned copy of the challan should also be placed in the folder of scanned documents made above.

Once all the above requirements have been fulfilled the applicant can now apply on line by clicking the required button. On clicking the on line applying button the system will ask for the details of conversion charges payment made by UTR No., challan No. with date etc. Fill up these details and proceed further.

Now the system will ask for documents to be attached. One by one all the scanned documents placed in the folder may now be attached.

Once all the required scanned documents have been attached and system gives the message “End of Applying for online Conversion” . Now the applicant can skip out of the system.

From the main menu with the help of request I.D. the applicant can see the deficiency in the application if any, after 03 days and can take the action accordingly. Besides deficiencies will be conveyed to the applicant through the e-mail provided by the applicant. Applicant is advised to see his mails regularly.

Download Freehold Callahan form from here

Thanks to ITvision India

Source:- Delhi Development Authority.

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