How UID Card can change India?

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My UID Card Suggestions…

These technical issues are really hurdle to reach at common men and achieve targets. Delhi govt. has to deploy extra forces in East Delhi especially min. two enrollment center in one ward than we can achieve the targets.

Written by:- Jeevan Pant

We are here to deliver our views to govt. of India on UID Card/ Aadhar Card and request them that how can they improve functions of UID Card/ Aadhaar Card? We are in support of UID Card with our suggestion. We consider that UID Card/ Aadhaar Card can bring the revolutionary changes in the system and provide maximum benefits to actual beneficiary. We can use it as multi utility cards and it can stop fraud in system and keep all the data in single ID.

We are aware and know our govt. policies and recommends not to use UID Card data as proof or reference in legal  proceeding. The law of UID Card data should be sensitive and harder. If anyone will found  guilty in that case the minimum punishment should be 14 years for buyer, seller or every one which is concern to it.

We all are aware that every govt. knows that the corruption is major issue in India and 85 paisa in one rupee distribute in politicians and govt officials as bribe. Because of hierarchy  of administration. NDA and UPA both  political  alliance shown intention to reduce the corruption in India. But it is India’s and our unfortunately that both alliance are fighting to get no. 1  position to get bribe. Every alliance are deeply involve to spread  corruption, that the reason our govt/politicians  are not taking it seriously and always try to get down “Andolans” & “Dharna” all protest. Only because of corruption opposition & ruling running govt.  simultaneously.

We are working hard and updating daily so that we can  create  awareness and suggest to system to create policy and let it free to work. We need your suggestion to improve  thoughts & can deliver better to nation.

If you have any suggestion and any query please send it on info(at) Our team will response you accordingly.

What are our suggestions for UID Card?

  • Make it multi utility card and facility to use it as debit/Credit card.
  • No need to fill form in banks for new account, just swap customers & guarantees card to open a new account. It really saves time, money & tree of nation.
  • Consider UID Card as PAN card, because there is a possibility of duplicity in PAN card but with UID Card it is impossible and it really gives a relief to new tax payers.
  • USE UID Card as driving license and after cancellation there is no possibility to make it again from any authority across India.
  • The biggest advantages of UID card is to use it in election and it really saves millions to Election Commission and provide free and fair election, every youngster who will have 18th years on election day will be eligible to cast his/her vote.
  • USE UID Card in each and every purchase of Land, without UID card no one can purchase or sale property.
  • Transition mare than 10000/- will be accepted through Debit Card/Cheque/ Credit Card or Cash with UID card ™s photocopy.
    Board/Schools/University will update information of students in his/her UID Cards so that Universities process can be fast and no one can do forgery, students can get admission easily and submit information online without any document & hesitation.
  • If UID Card authority wants they can make a medical database or health profile of UID Card holders so that it will saves life of his/her or his/her next generation because user ™s medical profile will help to Dr. to understand and get precaution on genetic transferable deices and provide a Unique facility to hospitals to inform victims family, without any trouble.
  • UID card can bring 360 degree changes in PDS system and provide subsidy to actual beneficiary. This system will really help to bring social balance in India and control on corruption and I am sure that govt. of India will save millions on money to our suggestion and it really bring the speed in process and system.
  • The UID Card should be enable with  magnetic  tape and  smart-chip  to use it in all major citizens & govt. schemes.
  • Provide PDS subsidy via UID card but after purchase of goods.

Suggestion by:- Jeevan Pant


UID Card for NRI

It really good news for our NRI brothers and sisters that finally govt. has announced to provide UID cards to all NRI.

We are also suggesting to govt. every person in India should have an UID card to identify. UID card will really useful to identify and track the person. Please read our old articles for more details.

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What is UID Card? (Jobs in UID Card)

UID Card is a 12-digit unique number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for all residents in India. UID Card will be stored in a centralized database and linked to the basic demographics and biometric information  “ photograph, ten fingerprints, iris and with some optional financial information of each individual. It is easily verifiable in an online, cost-effective way. So also, it is unique and robust enough to eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases the random number generated will be devoid of any classification based on caste, creed, religion and geography.

What is

My UID Card Dot Com is a group of young professionals and Mr. Jeevan Pant is heading them. or is running July 2009. Because  we know that the incomplete is always hazardous for  Indan economy   and if govt. is making a card only for identification than what will the future of other cards?