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It is really good news for all Indians that govt. is taking good steps to control corruption and planning for maximum utilization of UID card. In last two months govt. and UIDAI authority has announced few new policies which really provide benefits to actual beneficiaries and stop subsidy leakage in the system.
We also suggested to govt. of India to provide UID in card form with all marking (Smart Chip, Bar Code and Magnetic Tape). All three features make it globally acceptable card. This is a right time for NPCI to give a global identification to RuPay. Think each and every Indian have a card with RuPay like Visa.
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Year 2009, when govt. had announced about UID card at that time the scheme and policy of govt. of India & UIDAI was suspicious because they announced that the UID card would be a number to identify the person and every Indian have an UID card. But no one had told that utilization of UID card and its process.
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Finally our group had to come ahead and shown with example that what govt. of India and UID authority was missing. It could bring a revolution in Indian system to provide maximum benefits to actual beneficiary and can save million rupees of Indian govt.
Check few points below to know that what we can do with UID Cards. Which we had already published in our website on July 2009.
  • No paper will be used in bank to open new account just swipe new customers card & guarantor card in swapping machine to open account.
  • All property will be sold after swapping UID card of buyers and sellers, the tax will be deducted from the buyers banks directly with all duties and transfer to state govt. directly.
  • In PDS system the beneficiary will buy grain from any “Kirana Store” selected by govt. of India at market price the subsidized amount will be credit in beneficiary account directly. This process will save govt. millions of amount. Because govt. is spending crores of rupees in procurement, distribution, transportation and storage and the other thing it saves millions of ton grain which every year waste in FCI’s godowns because poor handling.
  • Use UID cards more than Re. 50,000/- transactions and for more than 1, 00,000/- transaction cheque should be compulsory.
  • No wages should not be paid in cash in govt. scheme all amount should be credit through UID card in beneficiaries’ bank.
  • UID card should be equal to Credit/Debit card. Bank should authorize 4 digits as Credit card/Debit card and four digits as password. It will really save environment and reduce weight of our wallet. Because of four digits every UID card holder can eligible for 9999 cards in his whole life. This process will reduce the operative cost of banks and reduce the fraud in system. Because here user has to enter his/her Debit/Credit Card number and password for transaction.
  • UID card can become your PAN card and it really helps to new tax payer to pay tax easily without apply for a PAN Card.
  • UID can be your Voter I Card and it really reduce good amount of center govts and make electoral process more effective and everyone who is having 18th years till election date will automatically enroll to cast his/her vote. This process with reduce the manpower of Election commission and finish the duplicate voter I Card issue and dead voter issue.
  • UID card should be used in Judiciary like guarantor or bail process. Because corruption criminal person gets the bail on forge documents and the right person who is not guilty has to wait for a bail more than its punishments.
Now we can say that the UID process is going on right track. We thanks for all UID card users who work hard to make it reality. We are continuously writing on UID card platform to make UID much better and useful. We are here to provide a better and corruption free environment to our child.

____________________________________State govts. are struggling to achieve UID enrollment targets. Last year Delhi govt. had announced that they will provide UID card to all Delhiittes till Oct. 2011 and that time we had raised the matter that how Delhi govt. would achieve targets without any planning & training. We had called at SDM office to know the status of UID card in July 2011 and surprisingly staff was unaware about the UID process. I made call at 8 SDM offices and situation of all offices are same. In the month of September Delhi govt. has released the data of UID process, only 27% Delhiittes have registered for UID so far and only 15% got the UID card yet.________________________________________

अतिशीघ्र आवश्यकता हैं बिहार और पश्चिम बंगाल में कंप्यूटर ओपेरटर तथा सुपरवाइसर की, तुरंत आवेदन के लिए यंहा क्लिक करे|

कृपया ज्ञात रहे की यह सभी आवेदन आधार के आकडे एकत्र करने वाली फर्मो के साथ साँझा किया जायेगा तथा वह फर्मे ही आप लोगो को बुलाएंगी | यह कोई सरकारी जॉब नहीं हैं तथा इसके लिए किसी को भी कोई शुल्क या पैसा ना दे | यह सुविधा पूर्णतया निशुल्क हैं | आवेदन के लिए यंहा क्लिक करे|____________________________________

New UID Card enrollment firm list 2011

____________________________________Here UIDAI is promising to provide UID card in 90 days but we are getting complaints that peoples are not getting UID card after 120 days. No one is there to help them. Helpline is continuously busy, No sms services to know status, Website it too slow and unable to get proper info, Rudely behavior by UIDAI employees during call and No response of any email.Govt. is claiming that they will achieve target as soon as possible but how. We all aware that govt. always announces the program/activity but it fails because of poor implementations, lack of awareness and without training. UIDAI is facing the same because there is no task force to mange fields, people are cheating by employees and few companies are selling agencies under the table. One day I met with UIDAI’s worker who is managing the enrollment process and told that what is happening in the market and surprisingly that person raised the finger on me and told that he would enquire about me.

We recommended to UID authority to bring the franchisee system in process to boost up UID work, but UID has not done anything yet. Because of lack of awareness the agencies’ worker are charging Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 to each for UID enrollment in few states.

___Register Your UID Card Complaints HERE___

Recently few companies have started online UID card registration for time slot. Here you can get the appointment and check your nearest UID card enrollment center. Please ensure that UID card is free of cost and if anyone will ask you for money. Only two documents are require for your identification one is address proof and second is identity proof or photo card. Please don’t pay anything. For more details you can visit your state govt. website. If still you are unable to find your location please contact to UID’s call center 1800 180 1947.

Please note that UID authority or any other firms is not awarding any UID agency. Please do not get any UID agency. If you have any query related to misbehaving or charging, please contact directly to UIDAI authority with full details of enrollment agencies.

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We received lots of complaints to MY UID Card’s User that few agents are providing UID franchise and getting a setup cost between 2.25 Lakh to 3.5 lakh with commission on per card from Rs. 8 to Rs. 25 which is totally baseless. UID authority or any other companies are not providing any franchise or agency because there is no procedure of sub contract in contract between UID authority, registrar & companies. We suggest you to check authenticity of that kind of proposal to UID authority @ bghosh60@yahoo.co.in or you can write us @ bp@3it.in.


UID Card Franchise | UID Card Agency | UID Number Franchise | UID Card Franchise | Aadhaar Card Franchise | Aadhaar Number Franchise | UID Card Franchise is illegal

Original UID Card provided by UIDAI Authority


UIDAI should support franchise system to achieve targets (Please Vote)

UID card process is missing its target because of infrastructure & lack of information. In the beginning when UIDAI authority has done the agreement with 209 companies with this terms that these companies would not transfer or sub contract UID process. Now this is the barriers to implement UID process across the India.

Now lots of agents are working in the market and they are providing UID franchise if the form of “Company Employ” in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat. They are providing Job directly to the company and demanding consultancy charge “50,000/-“except investment (3, 00,000/-) cost with this assurance that you can’t get UID Process less than it. Few companies are running sms campaign for UID process and few are providing agency with its other products.

In last mail which I had sent to UIDAI authority I suggested few points to achieve the targets and franchise system is one of them. I also suggest that the companies should be an introduce r for franchise and UIDAI should approve and decline them and they can get the process charges on each UID card (Which is in written and UID authority has an information of it) . It really helps to speed up the enrollment process, keep control in the system and secure the investment of citizens. With the help of franchise system the UID authority can collect more than three times data than today and company will also happy because the pressure of target achievement will divert and all the franchise will work separately to achieve the targets.

Note:- UIDAI is not providing any franchise, writer is supporting franchise system to speed up UID process.






UID form is free & do not pay for it. Click here to download | Register UID Complaints


UID Card & PAN (Please Vote>>)

As we know that the govt. of India is providing UID card to all Indian nationals who is living in India and his/her age is more than 5 years. UID card can be a multi functionary card because of its uniqueness. Govt. of India UIDAI authority or CBDT can declare UID card as PAN card. There is lots of benefits of its like..


>> No possibility to make multiple PAN Card because of Biometric Identification.
>> If you are a youngster and filing a income tax return first time. You will not need to fill an another form for PAN card, just fill your UID card and it will be convert as PAN when the Tax Department will enter your first ITR (Income Tax Return).
>> Easy to monitor financial transaction through multiple bank accounts or credit card.
>> Easy to collect tax & it will really increase ratio of tax payers.
>> Because of easy & auto monitoring it will really help to control on corruption.

Lets join us for better & corruption free tomorrow.


Can UID control on unknown property ?

UID can be useful to control unknown property in India. We aware that most of the property has been purchased to illegal & corruption’s money. We also aware that it happens because of our politicians & corrupt officials. Now through UID we can watch & control on property & help to provide home to homeless in India. I am starting a poll to share your views. If you think that it can really control on unknown property & help to homeless. Please vote.


Can UID Card replace voter Card ?

Election commission should associate with UID authority and it will really reduce to maintain two cards in wallet. According to UID database, voters will automatically be eligible for voting according to his/her DoB and when you will print the voter’s list there will be thousands of voters adding itself. It will really reduce your cost of.. BLO, Election offices in Delhi and printing cost of Voter ID card, Because UID will be made once in lifetime. Now time has come when we should introduce “Negative voting button” so that we can inspire negative voting against candidate.


“दर्द होता रहा छटपटाते रहे, आईने॒ से सदा चोट खाते रहे, वो वतन बेचकर मुस्कुराते रहे हम वतन के लिए॒ सिर कटाते रहे”


Do you know that because of uniqueness UID card can be India’s first multi utility smart card. Because of these cards your life will be easy and govt. can control & monitor on corruption. It can become your PAN Card, Voter I Card (Election Card), Driving license, Ration Card, employment card, Debit card, Credit card. it can be enroll in other center & state scheme. There is another benefits of that today financial companies are not providing loans in negative areas but after UID may possible they can provide loan in negative area because bank will easily get the details of defaulters & common man will really get the benefits of UID. There is lots of other uses of UID card like controlling on corruption, cash subsidy, genetic profile, health card, all degree & school certificate details will be there with Grade, . As we know that the corruption is the major road block of our country. Now the “Bhrashtachaar has become a Shishtachaar”. We need to hit on it because now corruption’s flow is equal to our GDP.

Know about UIDAI Authority & its projects.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) (Hindi: भारतीय विशिष्ट पहचान प्राधिकरण), is an agency of the Government of India responsible for implementing the envisioned Multipurpose National Identity Card or Unique Identification card (UID Card) project in India. It was established in February 2009, and will own and operate the Unique Identification Number database. The authority will aim at providing a unique number to all Indians, but not smart cards. The authority would provide a database of residents containing very simple data in biometrics.

The agency is headed by a chairman, who holds a cabinet rank. The UIDAI is part of the Planning Commission of India. Mr. Nandan Nilekani, a former co-chairman of Infosys Technologies, was appointed as the first Chairman of the authority in June 2009.Mr. Ram Sewak Sharma, an IAS Officer of Jharkhand Government cadre has been appointed as the Director General and Mission Director of the Authority. He is known for his best effort in e-Governance project for Jharkhand State and working as an IT secretary he received a number of awards for best Information Technology Trends State in India.


UIDAI launched AADHAAR program in the tribal village, Tembhli, in Shahada, Nandurbar, Maharashtra on 29th September, 2010. The program was inaugurated by Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh along with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. The first resident to receive an AADHAAR was Rajana Sonawane of Tembhli village.

Myuidcard.com is providing a platform to express your views, thoughts and suggestions for the success of UID project… Our best wishes and support will be with UID authority 24×7 for the success of UID Project…

What we think about the UID card projects and how it will be use.

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Card’s configuration should be very simple to know person’s location without help of any device
The card should be available in form of smart card. (See the demo card)
# Use for Unique Identity cards (Indians)
* Use for NRI.
// Use for foreigners working in embassies or Ministers/ Officials.
= Use for foreign visitors in India.
*/ Foreigners are working in Indian.
0xxx Country code for NRI where he is living now..
0011 Delhi (state code) NRI belongs to Delhi state
0000 NRI belongs to particular district.
**** **** **** The 12 digits will belongs to UID Number
Card’s numbers should be
# 0091 0011 0000 **** **** **** for Indian
* 0001 0212 0000 **** **** **** for NRI (US Citizen)
// 0001 0212 0000 **** **** **** for other foreigners working in India.
= 0001 0011 0000 **** **** **** for foreign visitors.
*/ 0001 0032 0000 **** **** **** for foreigners working in India.

How the card can be multipurpose for us:

  • Debit Card (Before transaction the person has to enter its last four digits of virtual Debit cards)
  • Credit Card (before transaction the person have to enter its last four digits of virtual cards)
  • No need to keep huge foreign currency or Indian rupee in India.
  • Bank Account opening, No need to file any paper just swipe your and guarantor’s UID card.
  • In NREGA/MNREGA the contractor will file your card code in his attendance register and you will get your payment in your bank account.
  • Employer just enter his/ her UID at the time of joining, his/ her all record will update with current employer.
  • Just fill only your UID card no. in Online Tax returns; it will automatically deduct your tax after rebate (LIC, 80G, and Investment). Here no need to get refund and govt. can save thousands of Cr. Rupees as refund interest.
  • During the shopping in your area you have to swipe your card and insert the pin for transactions. For this banks have to reduce transition charges till 0.1% or free.
  • This card will be our driving license. On this card a picture will be published of authorized driving vehicle. (White car for pvt., and yellow car for commercial).
  • Our all the personal records like, height, finger prints and education will be feed available in it.
  • Card holder can cast his/ her vote at any where in India through ATM or any information kiyosk with the help of this card. (The person will enter its card in voting machine and soon all candidate lists will be available of his/ her locality in touch panel voting machine.
  • No one cay buy or sell any property without UID card. Through it we can control the black money and confirm that how much property is belongs to with this person. Govt. can provide subsidy to whom have not any flat or property and get extra tax who have already flat or property.
  • Through this card govt. will deduct Electricity bill, Water bill, house tax or other bills itself. No need to go anywhere to submit your bill. (It should be applicable first in A B and C category of Cities).

Stop the PDS system & start cash subsidy

Now Govt. should stop PDS system in India. We all are know that only powerful peoples are availing all the benefits of PDS system and subsidy. There is lots of persons who are paying income tax and getting BPL facility and using Ration Cards. We should use UID to divert subsidy in actual beneficiary at his/her UID account so that he can buy grain, rice and sugar from other departmental stores. The subsidy (It is will be in point) will directly deduct from his/her account according to his/her family unit and he /She can’t convert this subsidy into money. Through this channel the BPL holder will get lots of benefits like, No need to go @ Fair Price Shop during working Day, Any time shop from any departmental store, No need to setup fair price shop, It saves transportation cost & Manpower, No need to store buffer stock, Actual person will get benefit, No black marketing and lots of other benefits.

Today we are living in 21st century and we have not any information about the UID cards. We know that it is a use full for all Indians who is living in India and abroad. Now UID has not cleared that they will make UID card for NRI and foreigners. Because if we are providing UID to our entire motive is defeating. How do you identify the person that he/she is Indian, Brazilian, Paki or Bangladesi because all’s color are same and they can speak local language easily and what about the foreigner nationalist who is working in India? As per my assumption govt. should make UID cards for all as per his identity, If he/she is visitor he should a visitor UID card with all information and he/she will bear temp UID cost as per visa norms. Because here in India lots of foreign nationalist is living without visa and information. If he/she will lose his/her passport who will recognize his/her status and nationality. UID can solve the identification issue and help to deport unwanted person. The other thing is that we have already lots of cards like Pan, Driving, Debit, Credit and lots of other cards with Voter I Card. In my previous blog I have mention that how can we use it dynamically for all thing and really it reduce our wallet load and provide single card for all transaction. We can merge all other cards in UID so that we will have not carry different card for different. Now govt. can merge PAN, Service Tax No., Passport, National Health Card, Bank Card and Voter ID cards in first phase because all cards provided by Central govt. and they can merge it easily. In second phase state govt. can merge PDS system, Driving License, Official cards etc. Phase by phase we can manage it and make it multiuser card. What do you think that govt. should issue UID cards for NRI and foreign nationalist or Not. We are waiting for your view. Because through this platform we reach our voice to govt. to take positive decision on UID for NRI.. The writer is Sr. Consultant in ITvision India. * We are changing continuously after your views and suggestion. Hope you will keep continue your support.. This website is not an official website of UIDAI. You can send your views and suggestions at info@uidaicards.com



This is my own views about UID and this site is not belongs to govt. of India & UIDAI

Official UID website is http://www.uidai.gov.in

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